Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kaw bouk (ေခါပုတ္)

Yesterday, my mother managed to buy “half ready-made” kaw bouk from Myanmar (Burma) shop. This is one of my favourite snacks which I used to indulge in whenever my family went to visit my father’s hometown Kan Balu. Eager to share the recipe of this yummy snack with my readers , I asked my mother about it. Trust me… this snack tastes a whole lot better than it looks! So when you visit our golden land, please give it a try.
Ingredients needed are
Black or white glutinous rice
Black toasted sesame seeds
White toasted sesame seeds

Kaw bouk (ေခါပုတ္) making

First, toasted sesame seeds are added into a huge mortar and coarsely pounded. Then add in the steamed glutinous rice and pound it together until it turns into a smooth, sticky paste. Remember to sprinkle salt to the mixture. Salt is the only seasoning that you need. Occasionally, you need to add in small amount of water. Pounding the glutinous rice is time-consuming as well as tedious. You can rub oil to the pestle or simply add oil to the mixture to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pestle. Once you have obtained a smooth and sticky paste you can shape it into any shape you like. Then, dry it under the sun so that you can keep kaw bouk pieces for a long period of time.

Kaw bouk can be eaten with boiled yellow beans (pe pyote), homemade tomatoes sauce or sugar.

  Sharing some old family photos back in Myanmar(Burma)....
My brother posing together with our cousins

 Toasting kaw bouk with Uncles, Aunts and cousins.
You can either toast or fry kaw bouk.  

One of our Grandmas also joining in :) 

Fun time with our relatives!
Really miss those days...


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