Thursday, February 02, 2012

Moun kya zi ( glutinous dumplings in palm sugar syrup) မုန္႔ၾကာေစ့

This dessert is one of the popular traditional delicacies of Myanmar(also known as Burma). It is very simple to make and it was my first attempt. Not bad...i guess :) I'm sure you can try making this too. It is sweet and tasty.
Here is the recipe for moun kya zi.
Glutinous flour : 250g
Jaggery : 2 packets
Last but not least, I have a confession to make and that is...
ground coconut for garnishing which i forgot to buy!
Mix the glutinous flour with small amount of water and knead well with hands.
Once it becomes smooth and soft dough, we can start to shape them into small balls(moun kya zi ) like the picture below. It's fun to make this dessert with your family members at home or while watching T.V.
When you are about to finish making moun kya zi , starts boiling water in a pot over a medium heat.
Now, lower the heat and add in the moun kya zi  one by one into the boiling water. At first, they will sink. You will be able to see them floating on the surface within a few minutes. I love seeing all these moun kya zi coming up to the surface one by one...You can take a look at my video below.

Put it aside first.

Now, melt the jaggery with boiling water in a pot. Remember to strain the jaggery syrup to remove dirt which i myself forgot to do so. Pour back the jaggery syrup into the pot and add the moun kya zi . Let it cook on low heat.
Please note that moun kya zi might stick together when you add inside the syrup. It's ok. Just give it a gentle stir and all the pieces will be separated in a while.

The sweet and tasty dessert is ready to serve!


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