Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thought provoking cartoon


I ask myself a few questions when I saw this thought provoking cartoon.

Am I going to allow myself to become slave to social media?

Even if i don't, how should i handle a situation when i am surrounded by people who do?

Do i want to spend huge amount of time on social media or to experience real life social intimacy, allowing myself to meditate or read a book ?
Am i aware of what makes me feel fully fufilled and content?

Do i want to or have to experience a suppression of direct trust-based personal communication?

Do i have a think alike partner that willing to walk down the path i choose? Or will i end up walking down the path that others had chosen?

There's a saying that goes
" if you can't beat them, join them ".
Will this ever be in my favourite quotes list?




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