Monday, August 10, 2009

Fermented bean paste rice

This is the ready-made package of fermented bean paste which can be purchased at Myanmar shops in Singapore. If you are adventurous about food tasting, may i suggest you to try this. It has quite a unique taste though it looks not that gorgeous. The brand name when translated is " Owl special fermented bean paste ". I would recommend this brand though i am not sure if there are any better ones out there. But this is really tasty (note: I do not get paid for advertising, yeah :D). This is quite a huge amount of beanpaste so i'll be saving the rest to make fermented bean paste with pork. Looking forward to share with all of you on my blog :)

Serves : 2

4 tablespoons fermented bean paste
2 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon pounded dried shrimps
1 tablespoon fried red onion
chinese parsley for garnishing

1. Add oil to the fermented bean paste and mix well.

2. Add rice into a big bowl then add all the ingredients above and mix well (for me, i prefer to use hand to mix them. Don't forget to put on a disposable glove so that your finger nails won't get stained by the bean paste :P)

Here is my fermented bean paste rice garnish with chinese parsley!


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