Friday, May 29, 2015

A Family Debate...Why Not :)

Husband, wife and kids... they do not have to agree on everything. In actual fact, they don't. I always have my doubt on people who say they agree with one another on everything. Everything???

A Family Debate...Why not? :)
A friendly family debate to help us find out each other thoughts and opinions on certain topics.  This action of exchange of thoughts and opinions should help us bond but not break us. Of course, only if we know how to embrace the colorful differences among our family members. We have to remind both ourselves and our family members that family debate are not for the manipulation purposes. But to share and exchange. The intention has to be right.

I believe a friendly family debate gives us an opportunity to observe and reflect our own way of thinking. We should not get too comfortable with our values and judgments just because we are surrounded by people who share our values and judgments.  Nevertheless, we should not see people who challenge our values and judgments to be the one that trying to bring us down. Not everyone who challenge our values and judgments have an intention of bringing us down. Do remember that among those who praises you all the time in front of you could also be the one that bring you down (Backstabbing) That's deadly!

We have to be aware that our perceptions are only one part of the reality.

After all, many of us appreciate and find it interesting with a family member who is an individual with his/her own way of thinking but not a carbon copy of us. Especially our children, we should never force them to be a replica of one of us. Be a guide but not a dictator!

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