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Monday, March 18, 2013

Launching of Daun Min Online Bookstore

     After nearly one year of preparation and my Myanmar online bookstore is now ready to launch. Finally! Opening an online Myanmar bookstore is a dream come true for me as I am a book lover.
     I realized that there are so many things to consider in setting up a commercial Internet site although the emphasis is on books. Learning to communicate and work effectively with my web designer is one of the challenges I faced along the way. I want my online bookstore’s patrons to experience an easy to navigate yet comprehensive website as well as an intimate and casual book-browsing moment!
    For books sourcing, I was lucky that my father was able to guide me and help me out. My father pointed out that there are a few things I need to consider when doing books sourcing. One of them would be, buying a mix of titles that appeal to a broad range of tastes which some of them might not appeal to me personally as a reader. The selection for my Myanmar online bookstore includes religion, politics, history, philosophy, fiction, biography, etc.
     The idea of working with books brings me both excitement and joy, therefore owning a bookstore is a right career for me!


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